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I made another strip of leather, looped it and punched holes in it like a belt. I have no evidence of this being used in period, but myself and Sirt felt it would go very nicely as a 'bow cozy' along the inside top of the bow quiver, giving it a little more cushion Figure 8.

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Taking a stitch marking tool, I made a series of light indentations along both edges of the quiver body and the top gusset Figure 7. I agreed hesitantly, after he assured me it wouldn't be much trouble. As a soldier rose in rank, his pay increased and thus could afford more elaborate and decorative equipment, but could be publicly rebuked for wearing decoration above his social station 1.

It should be noted that the lacing and installing of the gusset strip did not happen until near the end of the construction, to allow access to the inside of the quiver for attaching the hardware.

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My SCA Journal for archery, persona development, and projects. The pieces were laid out by Sirt under my direction.

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History of the Bow Quiver Much like the sword's scabbard, the bow quiver or bow casewas a vital piece of equipment for a military elite of cavalry. I nodded, thinking this was also a good point. But ultimately, the bow fit the leather casing comfortably, without too much forcing or rubbing of the string.

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I wanted them to look as akin to the primary source as possible, while allowing for his artistic embellishment of which he has a great deal. While surviving artifacts are few, there are many examples of bow quivers being worn by the subjects of several illuminations from as early as the 13th century eg.

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Conclusions This was a project that I've wanted to do since I first got into archery and developed a persona around archery. My mercy prevails over My wrath. Then, placing the gusset along the quiver body and cutting it to shape towards the endI began lacing it with leather lace in a straight lacing pattern, first down one side to the bottom then up the other.

The pieces were first cut out in cardboard and laid out on the unfinished bow quiver Figure 5. He built Buraydah and made it the province's capital.

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The Abbasid Empire[ edit ] Al Qassim Province had some important foyers on the road of pilgrims and traders coming from the east mainly Persia and Iraq in the era of the Abbasid Empire.

He also took inspiration from Persian brass work portraying flowers, and of course the ubiquitous crescent moon of Islam. Representations of the bow quiver appear much more frequently in later Persian and Mamluk art such as Riza-i Musawwir's: It had pilgrims foyers in many of the region's cities including Unaizah.

The full Hadith reads as follows: This was time consuming and perhaps not the best tool for the job, but I did not own a swivel knife at this point. I bought a long strip of leather and used it to run along the top of the bow quiver, leaving the string against the curve in the leather Figure 3.

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This item is one of my first pieces of leather work and something that I wanted to undertake to expand on my period archery equipment. He then asked if I wanted a scalloped pattern as well, as this would be appropriate, simple, and hide any irregularities in the angles of the brass.

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Inthe Rashidi dynasty based in Ha'il annexed the province. I do like the organic look, but it feels a little messy in a harsh fluorescent light. This particular piece is a fragment of his illumination of Abu Hurairah's 13th Hadith.

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Brass Work First it must be stated that the brass work was not done by me. Leather cut to shape for the bow it will hold. Figure 6 This would allow me to adjust how the bow quiver hung off my belt, and hopefully keep the bow from knocking against my legs as I walked.

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Leather Work The first thing that had to be done was trace my strung bow over a piece of whole hide, so that I could achieve a satisfactory case and seal for the strung bow. There are three things I would do differently next time.

I took a few old hardcover books, wrapped them in plastic, and stuffed them into the top of the quiver to add some pressure to the glue as it dried.