How to: Read Tire Date Codes

How to: Read Tire Date Codes

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What Do the Numbers on a Tire Mean?

When buying new cars, you also get a new set of tires. But when replacing tires after some years, you need to know the tire information on the sidewall. Especially when finding the appropriate replacement, the tire size and the year of production need to be confirmed. The following is the explanation of the information on a tire sidewall. Tire rubber hardens or deforms with age, its internal structure changes, and causes degradation of its stability and the quality.

Before you purchase tires, you must check the year of production.

Tires are just about the most important part of your car. Every tire has a “born-​on date” molded into the sidewall and coded according to.

We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Make a tire check part of your regular car maintenance routine, because it can improve your safety and boost your car’s fuel economy. Consumer Reports encourages those traveling over the long Memorial Day weekend to follow these quick tips. To get the most out of your car’s tires, check their pressure monthly and visually inspect them for cuts, cracking, and bulges.

Check the tread depth; it is recommended that you shop for replacement tires before the tires have become too worn down. Shoppers can often get good deals when buying a full set. If you need only two new tires, place the new ones in the rear to help you maintain control on wet roads. Uneven wear across the width of the tire can be a sign that the wheels have become misaligned, possibly after hitting a pothole or road debris.

If you see this, have a professional check the tires. Likewise, it’s always worth having tires aligned after you’ve bought new ones; that’ll ensure they wear evenly. Rotate them periodically, per your owner’s manual, which is typically every 5, to 8, miles. Air pressure is the life blood of a tire and should be checked monthly, not just seasonally.

How Old Are My RV Tires?

Decoding your car’s tire information doesn’t require flipping through the owner’s manual. All the information you need is right there on the sidewall. You just have to know how to crack the code. Not only do the jumble of letters and numbers tell you the size of the tire, but they can also tell you how safe your tires are and how old they are, too.

The rubber on a car tire degrades over time, and tire warranties can be tied to manufacturing dates. Every tire sold in the United States has a date code stamped.

The evidence is clear: tires should have an expiration date. Older tires are substantially more likely to fail than newer ones. This is because tires are made mostly of rubber, and rubber degrades with age. Sunlight, heat, ice, and general wear and tear can accelerate the breakdown of a tire. Once a tire begins to break down, it becomes more likely to fail in the form of a tread separation—often at highway speeds, when the failure is most likely to cause catastrophic injuries or death.

For most tires, this expiration date should be six years from the date of manufacture. Tires age dangerously because of a chemical process commonly referred to as oxidation, which simply means that as the tire components are exposed to oxygen, the oxygen particles cause the flexible components of a tire to harden and become brittle. Over time, the tire will simply fall apart under normal stress, just like an old rubber band.

Because this process occurs naturally, it does not matter if a tire is being used, stored as a spare, or simply waiting on a store shelf for an unsuspecting consumer. In , the average tread life of a passenger car tire was approximately 24, miles.

Here’s everything you can learn from reading a tire sidewall

The condition of the tires on a car are what determines a car’s capabilities in terms of acceleration, braking and cornering. The rubber on a car tire degrades over time, and tire warranties can be tied to manufacturing dates. Every tire sold in the United States has a date code stamped on it. The date code will let you know when tires need to be replaced.

Use a flashlight to find the Department of Transportation code on the tire.

On each U.S. passenger car tire, the load limit is listed in pounds. Prior to year three numbers are used for the date of manufacture, first two numbers.

Every sidewall has its own unique information that is divided into four main sections:. This describes the fundamental characteristics of your tire. Size, construction, speed rating and more. This designates the type of vehicle the tire fits. P is for passenger metric. Why millimeters? It originated in Europe, which uses the metric system.

What are you riding on?

Recent news reports about old tires failing has experts asking if tires should have expiration dates the same as many other products. Because old tires are failing and killing people! NHTSA to investigate the problem of tire aging.

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Please read and accept the Tire Selector terms of use, link. P identifies your tire as a Passenger Tire. The P stands for PMetric. This measurement varies depending on the rim to which it is fitted. This percentage compares the tire’s section height with the tire’s section width. R indicates the construction used within the tires casing. R stands for radial construction.

Deadly, Aged Tires Still on Shelves, ABC News Uncovers

Each new tire manufacturer must conspicuously label on one sidewall of each tire it manufactures, except non-pneumatic tires or non-pneumatic tire assemblies, by permanently molding into or onto the sidewall, in the manner and location specified in Figure 1, a TIN consisting of 13 symbols and containing the information set forth in paragraphs b 1 through b 3 of this section. See 49 CFR part Each tire retreader must conspicuously label at least one sidewall of each tire it retreads by permanently molding or branding into or onto the sidewall, in the manner and location specified by Figure 2, a TIN consisting of seven symbols and containing the information set forth in paragraphs b 1 and b 3 of this section.

Each manufacturer of a non-pneumatic tire or non-pneumatic tire assembly must permanently mold, stamp, or otherwise permanently mark into or onto at least one side of the non-pneumatic tire or non-pneumatic tire assembly a TIN consisting of 13 symbols and containing the information set forth in paragraphs b 1 through b 3 of this section. Manufacturers or retreaders of tires exclusively for mileage-contract purchasers may, instead of meeting any other requirements of this section, permanently mold into or onto the tire sidewall in lettering at least 6 mm 0.

NHTSA will assign to tire manufacturers who were previously assigned a plant code consisting of two symbols a new three-symbol plant code to replace each two-symbol plant code.

To help identify the age of your tyres, each one is imprinted with a coded date Low mileage, older cars tend to be most at risk from premature ageing – as.

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How Old — and Dangerous — Are Your Tires?

I agree to the use of cookies and tracking mechanisms which are used to analyse my activity on this website in order to improve my user experience. Find out more. A tires sidewall protects the carcass on the inside and provides a comfortable riding experience due to its flexibility during cornering. The type of tire, size, structure, tread pattern, manufacturer, brand name and other detailed information are marked on the sidewall.

Tire spec notation varies according to car model but primarily consists of symbols and numbers denoting tire width, aspect ratio, diameter, load index and speed symbol that indicate tire performance.

When buying new cars, you also get a new set of tires. But when replacing tires after some years, you need to know the tire information on the sidewall.

If not — you should. They may last another three years, but your tread has little to do with it. What is more essential is the age of the tire. Tires are made of rubber, obviously, and when rubber gets old, it starts to dry and crack often times from the inside out — this process is not always visible to the naked eye. Until recently, I had no idea that the age of the tire mattered. I thought it was all in the tread and visible cracking. I also had no idea that tires have a manufacture date stamped on them.

It turns out that tires have cryptic codes on them. Since , the week and year the tire was produced has been provided by the last four digits of the Tire Identification Number with the 2 digits being used to identify the week immediately preceding the 2 digits used to identify the year.

How to Determine Your Tires Age & Manufacture Date

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